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    your home away from home





  • Enjoy the Tranquility

    your home away from home

    Infinity Pool

    made of limestone and lined with lava rock

    Lush Greens

    surrounded by paddy fields and coconut grooves

    Truly Romantic

    peaceful and quiet starry nights

    From the Sky


    3000 sq. m of landscaped gardens

    6 large signature villa rooms



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    The Royal


    The Brave


    The Musician


    The Dancer


    The Honey


    The God

  • The Boutique Hotel

    4ooo sqm of

    Co-working Co-living Spaces!


    your modern communal home where millennial's can interact and share interests & values!

    Junior Pool Suite

    the pool at your doorstep

    Deluxe Terrace Room

    enjoy the lush greens

    Family Room Sets

    you can request for rooms next to each other

    interconnected only by your private deck

    2 room sets + 3 room sets

    The Green Corridor

    overlooking paddy fields

    The Green Corridor

    in the lap of nature



    the path leading to the collaboration of common interests

    your jungle home

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    common spaces for residents to interact and work together

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    your room your home

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    yogashala under the banyan tree

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  • open spaces

    Luxury services and comfort where and when you need











    While our philosophy is undoubtedly simple, it is our execution that distinguishes us from the rest.


    Mocking Cocktails

    make the memories treasured

    Wellness & SPA

    pamper yourself

    Our balinese therapists will soothe you into a blissful respite to match the calm surrounds that will not only serve to revitalize, but also give you a momentary taste of nirvana.

    Healthy Club

    eat fresh

    a gastronomic selection

    you can order from the many choices of menu - eat love pray

  • The Legend

    The ancient Hindu saga The Mahabhrata tells the epic tale of the five Pandawas brothers. Bearing particular divine traits from their ancestry these five heroic Pandawas, Yudistra, Bima, Arjuna, and the twins Sahadewa and Nakula, were known for their righteousness, courage and nobility.

    Our Logo

    Inspired by the Pandawas brothers' great journey across the holy Himalayan mountain range to reach heaven, our logo represent the five heroic brothers and their unyielding dedication to truth and righteousness during their voyage.

    Our Philosophy

    While our philosophy is undoubtedly simple, it is our execution that distinguishes us from the rest.


    Beyond its stunning location, modern design and full amenities, what makes Pandawas Boutique Hotel unique amongst the myriad of private luxury rental villas & hotels in the area is our combination of subdued comforts, serene spaces and distinctive details that not only make you feel indulgent beyond your imagination, but also makes you feel very much at home. Within the realm of the Pandawas resort exist spaces so subtly sublime, that "luxury" is not only re-defined; it crosses the threshold into the next dimension where all the elements come together in an elegant synergy defined by design and details.


    As Ubud is considered Bali's arts and culture capital, we've drawn fitt ing inspiration directly from the Hindu epic The Mahabhrata. Each villa and the central lounge area are represented by one of the five Pandawas brothers, Yudistra, Bima, Arjuna, the twins Sahadewa and Nakula. From thematic color play to sculpted bas-reliefs to custom bodyworks, each space is carefully considered and uniquely designed to match the traits of each heroic character.




    The sprawling property features several tranquil garden niches and beautifully landscaped areas from where to marvel at spectacular valley views or simply meditate by the lagoon to the sound of trickling stone fountains.


    Our concept of co-living and collaborating with people of similar interests at the banyan tree restaurant and co-kitchen - the stunning yogashala makes treasured friends - the essence of Ubud - EAT - PRAY - LOVE


    Our Balinese staff are from surrounding villages and provide 24-hour professional, discreet service and security with a smile, a wonderful trait that the Balinese have always been famous for.

    Exceptional service, well-appointed spaces, and unparalleled serenity are the cornerstones of the Pandawa philosophy. One in which we have manifested our passion and love for the place in order to provide you with a divine experience that you'll yearn to return to again and again.

  • close to Ubud centre

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